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We are a community of business experts, startup veterans,
sport scientists, developers, product designers, marketers and students
with the mission to drive growth opportunities
for women throughout the sports tech landscape.

Sports tech is experiencing an unprecedented explosion in growth, with the sport industry projected to exceed $31B by 2024.

Sport businesses, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, elite athletes, and professional sports teams alike are now creating and investing in sports tech products and services across the world in the following categories:

  • Talent identification, scouting, education and recruitment
  • Sports performance and assistive technologies
  • Fan/community engagement and experience
  • Technologies for sport/league/team businesses
  • Digital media and content
  • E-sports

Making it easier for sports tech businesses to diversify.

Let’s educate, unite and work together to fill the hiring funnels with women at all stages of their careers, who are passionate about the many facets of sports tech and highly qualified to make a difference.

Making it easier for women to discover new roles in sports tech.

With new opportunities for networking and mentorship, job postings, and summer internship opportunities via WiST Fellowships, we inspire women to follow their dreams into a sports tech career and empower them to ascend to leadership roles.


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Learn and take action to follow your passion into a sports tech career.


Interact with mentors for support and ascend to leadership roles.

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