Here’s what people are saying about the work we do.

“As senior industry leaders, we have a core responsibility to support endeavors around mentoring and nurturing other’s growth. I know first hand how important it is to help fill a more diversified hiring funnel for businesses of all sizes, especially those in our sports tech industry. My team at asensei and I are delighted to support the efforts of WiST and help to grow this vibrant community globally.”

Steven Webster
CEO, asensei

“WiST is such a great cause! We’re excited about the plans for growth opportunities for women in this space and opportunities for us to partner together for our 2018 conference.”

Simi Pantazelos
Student Leader, 2018 MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference

“Our Futures team at adidas fully supports the mission of WiST. We look forward to interacting with the community and helping to drive growth opportunities for women interested in the tech side of the sport business.”

Mikal Peveto
Sr. Director, Futures adidas

“We are excited to partner with WiST, bring more sports tech start-ups into our world here at GSVlabs and look forward to helping to host a west coast kick-off event for corporate partners and students here in our Silicon Valley offices.”

Marlon Evans
CEO, GSVlabs

“I salute the founders of Women in Sports Tech for their efforts to promote women in technology. Our approach at Carbon and my longstanding values parallel their mission to bring together people with diverse backgrounds and expertise.  In addition, the creation of WiST will enable many promising young women interested in sport business to learn about new products and discoveries, share networks, and build quality relationships with senior leaders. This unique convergence of women, sport, and technology in a supportive organization is long overdue.”

Joseph DeSimone
Co-founder & CEO, Carbon Inc.

“I joined Women in Sports Tech to make a difference. As a former female student-athlete at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, I witnessed the barriers to entry in the sports tech landscape. My dream is to one day be a leader in this field and use my competitive mindset, drive for innovation and charisma to change the way we see sports tech. I am confident that WiST has the capability to make this difference and empower females to find amazing mentorship and gain experience.”

Nina Luker
WiST Associate and former student-athlete, UNC-Chapel Hill