University of North Carolina, Junior, Majoring in Economics with Minors in Sports Administration and History. Fiona, a medically-retired student-athlete at Carolina, worked under the guidance of a successful Senior Experience Strategist at a major ad agency in San Francisco to develop influencer-based marketing strategies for sports tech startups, including WiST. She identified women and men leaders who not only excel in sports tech, but are also champions for diversity in the arena. She worked to identify and elevate individuals in the sports tech community, speak to them on their own territory through informed messaging and mobilize them to also help raise awareness for WiST and its members. Using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, she cultivated relationships with the micro-influencers in the sports tech community and current student athletes. Her efforts expanded our own influence and awareness, with the mission of changing the ratio in sports tech and driving growth opportunities for women at all stages of their careers.