Get in the game.

Here’s the problem. 

There has been no easy avenue for sports tech businesses to recruit women for key positions within their companies, from interns to executive leadership roles. Similarly, there is no discernible pathway for highly motivated college graduates to discover and explore opportunities within the sports tech field, where venture funding is growing 30% each year in sports tech start-ups and businesses.

Many of these promising women may have played a sport competitively and are eager to work with the same technologies that they experienced while competing and/or in the classroom. Also, there are highly experienced and skilled women currently employed in another industry, passionate about sports, athletic performance, and maximizing human potential, who are interested in specifically learning about opportunities in sports tech.

Research on women’s engagement in sports suggests an opportunity to attract more interest in careers in sports tech. Half of all women describe themselves as sports fans and claim to be frequent exercisers. Half of all competitive and elite level athletes are women who understand the value of all forms of sports tech that impact performance, including wearables and the value of data tracking and monitoring during practices and competitions to drive high performance as well as manage injuries to return to play confidently.

The Solution.

WiST is the leading organization to bring together companies, their executives, young professionals, and students who share a passion for innovative technologies that impact success throughout the business of sport. Specifically, the WiST platform will offer members growth opportunities in the following areas:

  • Industry knowledge: gain unique access to emerging trends, thought leaders and new technologies in the exploding sports landscape
  • Networking: meet industry leaders and innovators to expand business partnerships and identify new opportunities in sports tech at existing sports tech conferences and events
  • Career development resources: find support to launch, navigate and/or advance their careers via mentors, scholarships for summer internships aka WiST Fellowships, online seminars and job postings.

The WiST community is comprised of business experts in various stages of accomplishment and expertise. WiST champions not only college students but also entrepreneurs, product designers, hardware/software engineers, data scientists, programmers, content creators and marketers committed to the development of growth opportunities for women throughout the sports tech landscape.

Student members will have access to career resources and assistance from WiST mentors and corporate partners. “WiST Fellowships” will provide scholarships for rising college seniors, providing $5,000 grants to put towards sports tech summer internships, featuring these WiST Fellows as promising, aspiring sports tech employees and future leaders.

Employers looking to diversify their hiring funnels may post their job openings on our shared jobs portal with SportTechie: sportstech.careers. We make it easy for sports tech businesses and qualified candidates to come together.

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