November 4, 2019

Catapult is excited to announce an industry-first partnership with the organisation Women in Sports Tech (WiST) to propel diversity within Catapult and the sports technology industry as a whole.

Founded in 2018, WiST is a not-for-profit organisation supporting growth opportunities for women at all stages of their careers within the sports technology and innovation landscape.

The partnership will allow Catapult to work alongside some of WiST’s other partners, including the NBA, Nike, Avaya, and IBM Sports. Catapult will also be participating in WiST’s Fellowship program, which provides qualified female students with an opportunity to participate in summer internships, as well as being actively involved in networking events such as CES, SXSport, and the Stanford GSB Sports Innovation Summit.

WiST will provide Catapult with the ultimate resource to connect with women at all experience levels, from board seats to internships, helping Catapult to find committed, hardworking technology innovators, in turn enabling us to grow market share in all team sports globally.

“We are delighted that Catapult has joined our efforts to change the ratio throughout the sports tech business. Their support, along with that of our other corporate partners, propels the growth of our initiatives, as well as our impact and influence,” says Marilou McFarlane, founder and board vice chair of WiST and consultant with SportsTechWorks.

Kelly Hutchison, Chief People Officer at Catapult, is looking forward to the opportunities the partnership will bring. “Improving and promoting diversity and inclusion in our teams is a key focus point for us over the next year. There is a significant correlation between diversity and high performing companies, so to have access to WiST’s network of talent in the technology and sports space is an extremely valuable opportunity for us and will continue to set us apart in our industry.”

Catapult is already profiling the high performing women in its industry through the ‘Women in Sport’ content series. The series provides well deserved exposure for women working in the sports performance space, showcasing their stories, struggles and achievements, as well as looking ahead to the future. In a similar vein, the WiST SportsTech Leadership series interviews women and men in sports and sports technology who embody a more diverse and inclusive workforce, setting the benchmark for their peers and future generations.

Find out more about the work WiST is doing across the sports technology landscape here.