WiST Founders Featured on SportsTechX

by Women In Sports Tech Team • February 23, 2018

WiST Founders, Marilou and Debby, speak with Benjamin Penkert of the SportsTechX podcast. The SportsTechX podcast is geared towards people interested in sport startups and the surrounding ecosystem. They feature interviews with entrepreneurs and founders, exploring their visions, challenges and success stories.   Available on iTunes and SoundCloud.  

sport techie podcast marilou mcfarlane appearance

WiST Co-Founder Marilou McFarlane Shares Mission on SportTechie Podcast

by SportsTechie • February 21, 2018

On this episode of the SportTechie Podcast with Bram Weinstein, Marilou McFarlane, Women in Sports Tech (WiST) Co-Founder, discusses her mission to provide resources and avenues for women to succeed in sports technology. WiST wants to become an organization that brings together companies, executives, young professionals, and students who have a passion for new technologies that are […]

WiST Kickoff video recap: “Changing the Ratio: Leveling the Playing Field for Women”; 2/1/18

by Women In Sports Tech Team • February 19, 2018

How Female Sports Tech CEOs View The Industry In The #MeToo Era

by SportsTechie • February 19, 2018

When the New York Times broke a story about sexual harassment in Silicon Valley last summer, Precursor Ventures founding partner Charles Hudson blasted out an email to his portfolio companies letting them know behavior of that sort would not be tolerated. The San Francisco venture capital firm, he said, had zero tolerance for sexual harassment or bias […]